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Metallic nails are a hit of this year's stylizations. They are perfect not only for evening outings, but also add originality to the look for any occasion. Bet on the phenomenal effect that you will get thanks to the NEONAIL Metallic Effect pollen.

Wondering how to do such a manicure? See how easy it is!

Perfect even for beginner stylists

The application of the pollen is simple and even if you have no experience in nail art, you will certainly cope with this task. All you have to do is rub the selected Metallic Effect powder with a puppet into a layer of hybrid polish or Dry Top, and remove the excess with a soft brush and secure the styling with your favorite hybrid top. It's the perfect solution for a quick and effective manicure!

One pollen, two effects

One pollen will allow you to obtain two phenomenal effects - metallic and chrome . How do they differ from each other?

  • The metallic effect has visible particles of pollen and you will get it after rubbing the pollen into the dispersion (sticky) layer of the hybrid varnish.
  • The chrome effect is a smooth surface that you get after applying the pollen to Dry Top, cured for 10 seconds.

If you want to get the full color of metallic powders, we recommend using them on a white base color, e.g. French White. Of course, you can combine pollen with different colors of NEONAIL hybrid varnishes, create various stylizations the way you feel like it - one pollen guarantees you many possibilities!

Want to take your metallic manicure to the next level? Use Top Frosted! This transparent top creates a coating that you won't rub pollen into. You can protect the plate with it, draw any pattern on its surface with Dry Top, harden it and rub in the pollen - thanks to the use of Top Frosted earlier, the pollen will remain only in the place of the pattern. Try your hand at nail styling!

Trendy colors

In NEONAIL you will surely find a pollen that you will like! The offer includes various color versions of pollen, from bright, classic colors, through shimmering gold, to new products - saturated greens and purples. They look beautiful together, so you can easily combine them in stylizations.

Manicure with Metallic Effect step by step

    1. Prepare your nails in advance - remove the cuticles with a wooden stick, if necessary, shape it with a file, and to matt the nail plate, use a polisher. Remember to wash your nails with Cleaner.
    2. Apply a hybrid base, e.g. Hard Base, and cure in a UV/LED lamp according to the time given in the table.
    3. Apply two layers of hybrid varnish, e.g. French White, curing each one in turn in the lamp.
    4. It's time for Metallic Effect!
      • If you want a metallic finish with visible particles, rub in the pollen, remove the excess of the product with a soft brush.
      • If you prefer a smooth chrome surface, apply a layer of Dry Top beforehand, cure in the lamp for 10 seconds, and then apply the powder. Remove excess product with a soft brush.
    5. Finish the manicure with the selected hybrid top and cure in the lamp.
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