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YOU'RE A GODDESS! Discover 12 juicy, holiday colours from the new collection of hybrid varnishes

Who among us doesn't look forward to summer? Basking in the sun on the beach, a relaxing stay by the lake, spending time actively in the mountains or chilling in the city in the summer - wherever you plan to spend your holidays this year, remember to do it on your own terms! This summer, discover your inner goddess and show what you're capable of. The You're A Goddess collection will highlight your holiday look and make sure no one can take their eyes off you. Discover 12 crazy and joyful shades that will perfectly fit the summer vibe!

Are you #teamkolor or #teamglitter? Or maybe you love combining different finishes? You're A Goddes'
summer collection includes 12 juicy and fashionable colors - 6 shades with full coverage and 6 with a transparent, shiny effect - which you can combine in colorful compositions. The color palette is so rich that you will certainly find something for yourself. Allow yourself a bit of madness and play with colors, creating styles that will emphasize your goddess and holiday mood.

The long-awaited holiday is just around the corner? Be ready and allow yourself some bold nail styling. Hybrid nail polishes from the You're A Goddess collection last up to 21 days, so you can enjoy a flawless summer mani for a long time, just in time for your planned trip!

If you are looking for inspiration, below we present 3 suggestions for summer decorations that will perfectly emphasize the summer vibe. Show that you rule this holiday, because after all, You're A Goddess !

Colorful decoration for beginners

summer 2023 styling

Do you like to diversify your mani from time to time with an unusual pattern? Try this summer style using delicate brush strokes . It's easy! All you need to do is apply your favorite base (we used Baby Boomer Nude Base ) on the prepared nail plate, cure it according to the curing time table and start by applying two different colors. We chose the pink neon Myself First and the blue I'm Enough . Harden the painted patterns in the lamp and apply one more layer to enhance the effect, hardening again. Let your creativity flow and #trusttheprocess - play with glitters from the You're A Goddess collection, and to enhance the contrast, add white Paint Gel and  black Paint Gel  (remember to use the lamp after each layer). Finish the entire styling with your favorite top, e.g. Shine Bright top , which will give your manicure a beautiful shine! Ready to conquer the beach?

A bold zebra print with color for intermediate levels

summer 2023 styling

Animal patterns are a proven recipe for  a bold manicure with a twist ! In the summer season, we offer you a combination of a beautiful zebra print with neon colors and the contrasting shine of the You're A Goddess collection! Go for a slightly crazy styling and make your nails eye-catching. How to do such a mani? Apply white color to the prepared nail - the reliable French White will be perfect here . After curing the layer in the lamp (you can check the time in  the curing time table ), choose your favorite neon - e.g. orange I'm Unstoppable– and apply it on half of the nail, then harden it again. Draw a glitter line through the center with a thin brush to clearly mark the border between colors - the flash holo effect of Create Your Own Sunshine nail polish with pink and red particles will be perfect for this purpose . After the layer has hardened, paint irregular lines imitating a zebra motif with black Paint Gel . Place your hand in the lamp and finally finish with Shine Bright Topcoat and cure again. This energetic decoration will suit any summer occasion and style!

Beach pattern for advanced users

summer 2023 styling

When lying on the beach is not enough for you... transfer the beach to your nails! If painting patterns is a minor thing for you, try to recreate our proposal for a beautiful summer manicure. Start by covering your nails with Baby Boomer Nude Base and cure according to the time given in  the table . On the cuticle side, apply the blue shade of I'm Enough , drag it with a brush to approximately the middle of the nail, and leave the edge irregular - the blue color will be the basis for creating water, and the base color will create the beach. Cure the newly prepared layer. Then, draw lines with white Paint Gel that will make the drawn wave appear three-dimensional. Before you harden the layer, blur the white lines with a brush dipped in a base, e.g. Base Extra . After removing your hand from the lamp, start decorating the beach - paint the trunk and stem of the palm tree with black Paint Gel . If you feel comfortable with patterns, you can immediately start drawing the leaves, creating irregular lines, but you can also harden the patterns in stages to protect the drawings. Draw black dots with Black Pearl Paint Gel, cure it, and then paint a white dot in the middle of the palm tree with White Rose Paint Gel. Harden the patterns in the lamp. Finally, finish the manicure with Shine Bright top coat and cure again.

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