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Are you looking for a universal color that will be suitable both for everyday use and for special occasions? We'll tell you what nail color goes with everything

Subtle nude, feminine pink, or maybe delicate French? Get to know 6 suggestions for universal styling!

Universal does not mean boring. On the contrary - if you are looking for an answer to the question of what nail color is universal, you have many options to choose from. Get to know 6 of them.

Nude in a classic and crazier version

Subtle nude never goes out of fashion and goes with everything. It goes perfectly with both smart casual office clothes and evening dresses.

What do you have to choose from if you decide to go for a subtle nude? Delicate beige or cream shades are classics of the genre, but you can also choose shades of pink, or even blue or green.

To create a subtle and universal styling, use e.g. Adventure Agents hybrid nail polish. This is a nude shade in its original version. It delights with silver and black particles. 

On the other hand, if you prefer warm, light beige, Mighty Sandstone hybrid varnish will be an excellent choice. If you want to go a little crazy, combine it with shades from the Wild Sides of You collection, e.g. Lioness Roar, which will liven up the styling and give it an exotic character. Don't worry - it will still be universal and goes with everything, as long as you choose delicate accents in a more vivid shade.


Delicate pink

The answer to the question about what nail color goes with everything is also delicate pink. It looks charming and feminine, so it is perfect for everyday work, as well as for a romantic date. 

Not all pink is the same - the wide range of hybrid varnishes includes both light and dark shades. The universal ones that fit everything include:

  • Dried Blossom,

  • Perfect Proposal,

  • Wedding Lily,

  • Time to Romance,

  • Spring to Life,

  • Rose Side.

In addition, you can choose from hybrid nail polishes that combine classic and original looks (an example is the 3-in-1 Incredible hybrid nail polish composed of delightful pink and gold particles). They attract attention with shiny particles, thanks to which the styling takes on a completely different character. If you use them to make delicate decorations or paint only selected nails, they will be perfect not only for special occasions, but also for everyday use. 

Timeless red

What nail color is universal ? Red! Although this answer may surprise you, elegant red has not gone out of fashion for years. It's not true that it only goes with an evening dress. The right shade will go perfectly with classic black or shades of gray appearing in everyday styling. 

The choice is really large. Are you interested in a deep, saturated shade? Then a good decision will be to buy Warm hybrid varnish. 

Or maybe instead of red lipstick, you would prefer to choose a sexy shade in the form of nails in this color? Sexy Red hybrid nail polish is something for you!

Universal nails in the most fashionable version

Do you like to follow the latest trends? Then, when looking for an answer to the question about what nail color is universal, check what is the most fashionable this season.

  • Glazed nails, a trend launched by model Hailey Bieber during the Met Gala. It quickly gained thousands of fans because it is a universal and at the same time extremely effective styling method.

  • Chocolate brown – looks appetizing and goes with everything. If you decide on it, pay attention to the 3in1 Worthy hybrid varnish. This is a great choice for women who are busy but like to follow the latest trends. Not only does the nail polish have a fashionable shade, but it combines as many as three products (color, base, top).

  • Classic black that goes perfectly with any color. Don't want to paint all your nails black? You don't have to! Choose elegant black accents in the form of decorations or black French.

Milky white, a perfect solution for minimalists

Sexy red, glazed nails or charming pinks are not for you? Do you value minimalism and want your styling to look beautiful and at the same time unobtrusive? Milky white is the perfect option for you! 

It is a mistake to think that it only works when preparing for a wedding. White, like black, goes well with any shade and looks beautiful not only in wedding styles, but also in everyday ones.

Ombre manicure – classic styling in a new version

One of the latest hits is the ombre effect. Not only when it comes to hair and clothes, but also nails. If you are looking for an alternative to classic manicure, the ombre style will be a great choice!

Shading your nails gives a stunning effect. Thanks to this, you no longer have to worry that the manicure will suit the office but will not work for evening outings.


Play with colors and combine them!

Who said that universal styling has to be in one color? Play with colors and combine them. 

What colors match each other and at the same time can be said to be universal? Beige combined with shades of pink, gray combined with classic white - these are just a few suggestions. 

Do you associate universal nails with boredom? It's time to change your thinking! If you want to create a look that goes with everything, you have many options to choose from. Not only beige and gray, but a whole range of charming pink shades, feminine red and fashionable glazed nails. 

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